the spiteful magical rope


King Charlemagne, king of France, had a son named Pepin the Hunchback who attempted a political coup. This failed. His father spared his life, but sent him to a monastery in Germany. There he secretly fathered a son named Wilfred. This man grew up to become Wilfred Windtamer— a famous and mysterious pirate and wizard. The Romance of Wilfred Windtamer, a bards’ song of failing popularity, says that he retired to somewhere in Britain, but where, no one knew.

Well, Wilf had tired of the life of the sailor, and went to a hamlet in Wales. He became an architect. He created an animated servant to aid him: Raff. Raff (the word is Welsh for ‘rope’) was several meters of ship’s cable, so thick that the thumb and longest finger of a man’s hand could not encircle it. This creation rebelled. To punish him, Wilf chopped off part of Raff’s length.

The severed fibers instantly unravelled, and were discarded. Wilf’s magic, however, had unforeseen consequences. Several nights later, the bits of rope had woven themselves back together to become Scamp.


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